The House

Surfers Camp guest House aerial view

Our guest house is located near the beach where there are some nice easy waves and great beach area. There is a big forest area nearby in the south that extends along the shoreline where you’ll be able to find good waves, clean water and fantastic running and cycling paths. If forest and beach is not your thing then on the north you have a beautiful lagoon area with wooden walkways that allow to enjoy a great relaxed walk or cycling tour.

Here’s a list with some of the features of our surf guest house:

  • There is an ocean view from the house amazing for enjoying sunsets.
  • We have double rooms, shared rooms and even private apartments available for our guests.
  • All the boards are stored in the house’s garage where there is also an open space that we use for outdoor activities and BBQ’s.
  • There is also a small area where we grow herbs and tea plants that we use for cooking.
  • The house is surrounded by typical local food shops where you’ll be able to find the best fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • The location is surrounded by beach bars, fun discos and fine restaurants.
  • Please be aware we are located to a church, and also, we may have street festival close to the surf camp during the Summer.

Surfers Camp facilities photos: