Advanced Surf Guide

Barreling waves pealing in Esmoriz beach.

Uncrowded surf is a constant in Northern Portugal

Surfing good waves in uncrowded surf spots will take your surfing to the next level (Surfers camp Porto).
Surfers Camp team will make sure that you surf the best days in the best surf spots ,making the best of your surf holiday. With more than 10 surf spots surrounding the surf house it´s possible to surf all types of waves, from barrelling off shore conditions to small and fun waves.

The team will guide you all the way so you can find the best wave and surf equipment for your surf level.

The northern coast line of Portugal is very consistent and still has many surf spots with no crowd, making your learning experience safer and much more fun.

Good waves at Esmoriz beach

Great waves at Esmoriz beach.

Advanced surf guide is the best option for surfers that know how to surf and want to surf the best waves possible. Making sure that you avoid the beginners surf groups and share with us your knowledge and ideas about surfing.

Using photos and video session will help you to understand and visualize what you can improve in your surfing. Esmoriz is a great surf spot destination making your surf trip that much better and fun. Make you stay in the best surf camp in Porto.