The House

Surfers Camp guest House

Our guest house is located near the beach where there are some nice easy waves. There is a big forest area nearby that extends along the shoreline where you’ll be able to find good waves, clean water and fantastic running and cycling paths.

Here’s a list with some of the features of our surf guest house:

  • There is an ocean view from the living room and kitchen.
  • The house has a total of 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms.
  • In the first floor there are two shared bedrooms with limited space for 4 persons per room.
  • In the second floor there are two private rooms and a small bathroom, very nice for couples and people who want to have more space for themselves.
  • The whole facilities are equipped with central heating.
  • All the boards are stored in the house’s garage where there is also an open space that we use for outdoor activities and BBQ’s.
  • There is also a small garden where we grow vegetables, herbs and tea plants that we use for cooking.
  • The house is surrounded by typical local food shops where you’ll be able to find the best fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables.
  • The location is surrounded by beach bars, fun discos and fine restaurants.

Surfers Camp facilities photos: